commercial account help! they dobt want to pay

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by GreenscapesWV, Feb 13, 2013.

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    go spend the 500 on a consult with a lawyer. they can advise you of the local laws, and your contract. they can tell you want you can expect to win in court and what your fees would be.
  2. GreenscapesWV

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    My lawyer emailed me a copy of their offer at 5500 that concerned the dates of 4 snow plow services... that's only equaling 2600. That's the only thing they mentioned in the email and offered 5500 hoping I'd consider it roller settle... what do to now
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  3. krzys555

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    i am not sure how this would work in your situation but i know i can take a check and cash it.
    if it is not a full payment you can put on the front of the check 10,000 remaining balance. i know that works for residential clients, but consult your lawyer.

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    Helo greenscapes nice to see another from wv here , sorry to hear about the situation this sucks i have never came out winning when people owe you money , it costs more to collect than what its worth usually. I cut all commercial accounts off after 2 months , hope you get resolution to this with out losing to much. If you can post the management company and accounts on here so local guys know not to deal with them , i have always thought it would be great to have a list that all lawncare guys reported on the dead beat customers who would not pay , it would save everyone a bunch of money , i know customers who run up bills and switch to someone else just so they don't have to pay its a real blimish on the industry. Good luck.
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    Take the check for $5500 and sue for most of the rest in small claims court. I think you can go up to $7000 in small claims in most states.
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    You know I have thought about this a bit more.
    I used to work for this guy who was a bit of an a--hole.
    Anyway, the company over paid a few guys by like $1000 each, they left the job, took the money and ran. He got pissed and said,"I will spend $4000 to get my $2000 back to prove a point". I thought my original thought about him. About 4 months later he got his money back less the extra he spent on the attorney.
    Sue these scum bags. Even if you break even after all the "Pain and Suffering":laugh:Place a lien on this and that, Legal Lawsuit the heck out of them. Make life hell on them. Start a blog about them. Hell I dont Tweet but I think I would for that amount. Get on Facebook, call the local newspaper, tv station, radio station, eddm a post card for those specific places, heck, even city hall, make it a Public Relations Disaster for them.
    Think about it this way, what do you think they would do to you if you owed them that much.
  7. Crimson Lawn

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    I wonder if the MODS will let us start a "Company Thread of Shame"
  8. GreenscapesWV

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    I re read theirritates lawyers offer to my lawyer via email and it said they was disputing basically 16 plowing which is four properties at 4 plows each and the total was $8580. I actually don't think their lawyer has the full invoice including the lawn services we provided them making the total much higher then this lawyer thinks. So if their lawyer is asking us to take off the amount for 16 services which total right at 2700 then the 5500 isn't a bad offer if it's snow plowing alone. As I said I do not think he knows about the lawn services invoices.... should I contact their lawyer directly and discuss it with him?
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  9. jbell36

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    definitely take it to court...i don't understand how they can win

    we have taken 3 or 4 customers to small claims court before and won hands down, there was never a question...we were never wrong either, it was just people who didn't (usually couldn't) pay...

    i have never been through court court so i can't say how much that is going to cost, but i would say for 10 grand it would be worth it...and if you did in fact win, which you should, then they would have to pay for the court costs...i bet you could get the court to make them pay for your lawyer costs as would be more of the principle for me, not necessarily the money
  10. 32vld

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    First you need a lawyer that wants to work.

    Second I do not know the legal process to put a lien on customer's properties. So find someone that can recommend a good lawyer and find out what has to be done to get a lien in place.

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