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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by brentsawyer, Feb 9, 2003.

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    Just took all of my stuff out of the storage unit I had rented over the winter since I now have room to store it at home and was talking to the lady there and she asked about what all I do and asked for a business card and invited me to bid on the place in the spring. Not a bad deal, its $145 currently mowing and $350 for plowing 1.5 hours each, sounds way overpriced, but thats not the complaint, its that the current LCO, so she says charges for times that they don't come. To add, last week we had 1.5" of snow and he shows and says that the owner told him to come out and plow but she talked to him later and said that he had not talked to him in weeks. To add, it was a warm snow that melted off quickly, didn't take a brain to figure out. Pretty bad, so it sounds. Thoughts are appreciated

    Anyways, while I was looking around on other threads, I noticed a few other spring bids and just wanted to know how much or what % of bids are done in the spring for commercial sites.
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    "so she says charges for times that they don't come."

    Yah been there before. I actually picked up a new residential account last spring for the same reason. The previous LCO was charging her for cuts that were not done. Well twice during the season she called me after recieving her invoice questioning a couple of cuts. I have never in my life charged someone for something that was not done. After I faxed her a copy of the crews route sheet with the time in and out she stopped calling. I think that she finally figured out that I was not going to fall for the same trick that the other guy must have.
    My point...just watch out. There are people who will do anything for that freebie.
    Good Luck. Sounds like a good money maker.

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