Commercial Accounts/Bidding?


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I am very new to this profession, I've done it on the side for some time, last year I went for it and got 30 residential yards, my problem is I can't get one single commercial job? I started calling and visiting places late feb and march, was that too late? Their replie often was " we already have a service " or, they weren't the ones in charge or didn't even know who i could talk to? I realize it's too late this year, but i would like to do better next year. I've read all the posts i could find today, and though very, very helpful in other ways, just didn't help me with this one.


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heres is what worked for me,every week driving by a local strip mall I noticed it looked like hell.I finally stopped and got the owners name seems he was unhappy with the neglected property and we got the job ,also comes with snow removal.So stop at the places that are not being serviced properly, you should get some results.<br> BE AGGRESSIVE!!!keep knocking on doors.<br> Nick

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