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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by NNJLandman, Jul 20, 2004.

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    Was working today at a commercial account(not mine I work for someone)we did some planting of flowers, planted in some wiskey barrels, did some mulch, planted some beds, did some topsoil and seed, and then put some boulders in the parking lot islands to prevent vehicals taking a tight turn up and over the curb into the beds. This was at a Wesley Inn and a Friendlys in Ny state, anyway after we are jus about finished, manager or someone comes out, saying in the most indirect way that our work was ****, that it looks like a couple of kids went and planted everything. So I was like ok, we'll what can we do to make it better, now she is talking to me and not my boss, my boss had told me what she asked to have done, and after doing what she asked she didn't like her decision, but acted as if this was our fault. So she wants this done and that done and on and on. So i call my boss and hes like wtf says lemme call you back shes calling me...ok. Get a call back from my boss saying that the manager was outraged 1. that the work was **** 2. that the work wasn't included in the maintenance contract. Here all along this lady thinks this work is included in there monthly maint. contract which basically includes mowing and shrub trimming sort of stuff. Just kinda bummed and mad because we worked all day on this stuff and we thought it looked better then before and all we get is this.

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    Customers ( especially commercial ) can really be ignorant sometimes.

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