Commercial account's I dont get them!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nobagger, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. nobagger

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    I bid a few commercial properties and I cant believe I was more than the other bigger company that won the bid. It doesn't make sense, these other companies have to be in the $50-$70per hour range and I am in the $35-$40 per hour range. Our work is just as, if not better quality than these guys but they seem to get the majority of the nicer accounts. What gives? Should I increase my rates to make it seem that we are of the same "caliber" as these bigger companies? All of our bids are complete with a set of pics so they can see the quality of our work. I just would think in this economy they would try and save some money.:confused:
  2. FairwayLandscape

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    opportunities to even bid.
    We need help too?!
  3. stumper1620

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    Your not alone!
    I have tried for several years for the same places, I know its not the guys prices or his performance that he is getting these. I'm beginning to think if you are not connected internally you can't win on some of these.
    the bids are just a front for the board members.
  4. Green Leaves

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    A large part of landing all accounts is who you know.
  5. gslawncare

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    DUH, your either gonna have to start killing or blowing to get in that BS
  6. skurkp

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    I have only a few accounts, but the ones I have, I did know someone and yes it helps. My work is as yours, equal to the larger companies. I have a friend that owns an electric company and he tells me to join in as many associations. Usually they work among themselves. This season I will do just that, one of my common area mangers told me that property management companies are members of an association and that they use companies in their association. Can't hurt.
  7. ed2hess

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    I think you might be surprised about how much the bigger companies get, we bid against TG and they are not as high as you indicate. It is easy to give TG the work when they are the low bidder with reputation. What we have to do is work the personal aspect with instant response to problems and reasonable prices on the extra stuff. The solo and part time guy has to convince them he can respond on short notice and references of other commerical accounts can be important. And it is important to "hit it off" with the guy making the decision.
  8. aceman71

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    I don't necessarily think it's who you know although it helps...when I started 2 years ago I knew nobody...for me it was persistence and being very 2 years 70 percent of my business is commercial. I know that for some of us being set up for efficiency is the key ...for example with my set up I can do an account in 45 minutes that it took my competitor and hour and a half to do..Good luck!
  9. cklands

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    I wouldn't assume that the larger companies are charging more than you. They coud be charging less and just making their money in quantity. Think of how many 99 cent hamburgers McDonalds sells.
    There are also times that the commercial accounts will go with the larger companies, even if they are charging more, because they have the name behind them.
  10. crzymow

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    Also have to take in to consideration the equipment some of them use. May cover the area faster so they arent there as long so their price may actually be less then yours, even if their hourly rate is higher. I do think it help who you know a lot of times, plus if that same company has been doin the work for a few years and they are happy with them, they may not leave even if you are cheaper because they know what they are getting. Not everyone goes with the cheapest.

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