Commercial accounts/measuring


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To the guys who have commercial accounts,
when you say you measure for mowing,how much do you charge per foot,whats the goin rate for NY


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In the Binghamton area things seem to range from a low of .90/m-sf to a high of 1.25/m-sf to stay competitive for turf areas over 100m/sf. Between 25m/sf-80m/sf it seems to start about $2/m-sf and go down to around $1.16/m-sf.

If you are familiar with Binghamton send me an e-mail of some of the larger public sites you know and I can give you a ballpark figure. If I'm not bidding 'em my friends have them and I know how they are pricing so as not to drop the fair market value for our area when competing.

Hope this helps.