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Discussion in 'Employment' started by LawnMan910, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. LawnMan910

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    Im not sure if im in the right section or not, but I just wanted to know how do I go about bidding for the account to do Home Depot property maintenance, who should I get in contact with
  2. turf hokie

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    it's a national account, I dont believe they will contract individually, need to get in touch with the national account holder.
  3. 93Chevy

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    Most retail stores are contracted through large property management companies that bid out the individual stores.

    Like you could bid on 5 Home Depots within, say, whatever, 50 miles of your base, and may only win the bid for 3 of them.

    Or I could be completely wrong, but that's how it's commonly handled around here.
  4. FoghornLeghorn

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    It's handled through corporate in Atlanta, according to the GM at the Home Depot in my neighborhood.

    You'll probably have to register with Compliance Depot or some similar verification agency...

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