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I am looking for info about chasing com. accounts.When is a good time to bid them?<br>Do contracts expire at end of year?<br> Any suggestions on getting commercial work this time of year?I have 30 residentials now <br>and still find it hard to make a living ,seems i started to late in the season and everyone is being mowed.seems like every other vehicle on the road is hauling a mower of some sort.<br> thanks for any help. Nick


You can start your quest for the answers by going to the search link above under the ad banner and typing in &quot;commercial&quot; for the search term.<p>

bill phagan

Nick,<p>Your comment about NOT making any money now with your accounts would concern me if I were you.....could be your accounts are not profitable for many reasons. First step is to look at why you are not making money now. If your estimating or whatever is off, just adding accounts, resi or commercial won't help you. You should be accounting for overhead expenses in your pricing...otherwise it's like trying to eat grits with chopsticks! Take in a dollar, spend a dollar. Suggest you reveiw your current business practices, ie estimating, sales approaches, customer locations, diversity of services....resolve the issues....THEN move on upward.<p>Bill Phagan<br>Green Ind Consulting, Inc.

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