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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CLM1, Mar 26, 2000.

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    HELP! Kind of excited. Got Opportunity to bid on my first commercial property. Do you guys charge same rates as residental? More? Less? What's current practice.<br>I've got everything worked out (pine needles, flowers, fert. program,etc.) except for cutting charges. Property measures 53,682 sq.ft., and about 75% of it is sloped at about 12-15 degrees. Very few obstructions to work around. What would be a good charge to cut this property. I've figure total time on property a about 3.5 hrs., from time I park until time I pull off. (I'm solo) What do you guys think?
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    I think you'll need a ZTR to cut time in half so you could make some money,around here the going rate is 55-65 an acre,so I would think about 75-80 to mow it,what are you cutting with,and how much trimming and curbs are there?<p>----------<br>John D<br>
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    Just a quick note to the above. I myself WOULD NOT be comfortable using a rider on this property. I'm just guessing at the degree of slope. The sides of the building are alittle steeper than the front. So 48&quot; walk-behind is current equip. to use. (If I get this job I'm going shopping!)
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    This is my first year doing commercial accounts. What has worked best for me is pricing at $60 per hour based on a rate of one acre per hour. This only applies to properties smaller than 1.5 or so acres, since a two acre wide open property is probably not worth $120 per cut. :) I can mow faster than this, but it leaves room for me when I have to cut heavy grass and slow down, have to change trimmer line, etc. I charge the same for trimming, if you have 10 minutes, add $10. <p>So this is the way I would charge:<p>1.25 hours at $60/ hr is $75.<br>Add 10 minutes trimming if that is realistic, $10. <br>That gives us a price of $85 per week. If we know we make $85 we also know every week as we watch the time that we need to have our mowing and trimming completed within an hour and 25 minutes. This is how I keep on top of productivity for myself.<p>Keep in mind someone who didn't know any better may be mowing and trimming, without the added services you plan to bid on, for much less. Don't be disappointed if this ever happens to you, because I've dealt with that many times this season. You just have to focus your energy elsewhere. <p>There are several pricing strategies in this market since anyone who works for themselves can decide exactly how they want to charge the customer. <p>I find prices run the gambit in my market. Some 3/4 acre strip malls fetch $30 While others are worth $50 or more. I have some variability in my accounts as well, some are a little more profitable than others, but I try to make all my new customers pay a fairly standardized rate, varying with specific services.<p>If a customer wants a really low mowing price, they can be assured they will pay the difference with trimming or fertilization or edging. <p>There is always a way to make money at most of these accounts, you just have to get the answers to the right questions.<p>John

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