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    In Texas I can fertilize, but can’t treat weeds (weed n feed) without a license. To me, they likely go hand in hand in business.

    I know my market, customer base, etc will affect profits, but how profitable have you found it??

    Looking for true feedback about how it has helped you business.
  2. BSLD

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    It can be very profitable, if it done right. Do research, study, and get licensed legally. It take awhile to become an expert in the field. All kinds of pesticides for all kinds of pests. It's more than just treating weeds.
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  3. CJ's Mowing Service

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    Thank you for your reply and I definitely would want to do thing s the right way.
  4. ArTurf

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    Start learning and getting experience WAAAAY ahead of when you actually want to do it for hire. Best to work with someone with experience but not always possible. Maybe practice on relatives or friends for free (better mention a disclaimer if you screw up).
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    This is a great piece of advice. I got my license back in may and I mostly did work for family and some of my clients who are really cool. Just be honest with them about were you are at in your knowledge of what you are doing. Read the label 2 3 4 times triple check your calibration on whatever machines your using and dont be afraid to come on here and ask for advice.
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    Some states have an experience requirement. This is probably to reduce the number of guys that quit Turgren and start up on their own.
    If not licensed, you are only allowed to apply pesticides to your own property.
    However, farmers are allowed to apply pesticides to land that they rent.

    So, if you rented some land for the purpose of gaining experience, that is OK, right? Pay your mom a dollar per year. Brothers, uncles and cousins, too. Neighbor--why not?

    Maybe grow some popcorn--green grass plus all the popcorn you can eat for a year or two.
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