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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GracesLandscaping, Feb 23, 2009.

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    well if you have the bid sheet broken down for you that makes it easier....... all you have to do is figure out lbs/seding/fert/ , go ahead and call on your mulch guy ask how much for ?/ydsand be specific in your bid... 2-3" depth.... areation... you will need a rich to make this effiecent....(5 acres/hr)... maybe two figure you and 2-3 guys labor , workmans comp, insurance, phones, blades etc add total and divide by 52 this=1 visit/week... also state that you will limb up brances for visibility of rtw and such to the minium hieght of? ( what ever your states requirement hiehgt is........also let them know you hand prune and dont create meatballs for shrubs unless specified by managing director...... i would send you a copy of my commercial contract but it is 12 pages its fairly simple just know your numbers and break it down at a cost /visit...i would say 83,795 dollars /yr all inclusive plus seasonal color
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    First heres what I figure.
    If it takes you 12 hours for one guy to mow the 14.5 acres and you charge say $50 an hour that's $600 per time x 36 = $21600. Next the mulch job. Where I live in Michigan mulch only costs $15 a yard up here. So if you charge 3 times like you said then it's $45 x 70 yards = $3150. Last for the 21.5 acre brushogging job. If you had the right machine and it took you like 12 hours once again and you charged maybe $100 an hour because of your cost of running heavier equipment you get $600 x 4 = $4800. So you add all of those up and you get a grand number of $29,550. Now I'm sure that I'm way underpriced compared to what these guys like Elements Group want so I would maybe go up to $35,000 or $40,000. The economy sucks up here in Michigan and everybody's looking for the best deal and most corporations now don't care as much about quality and only care about it being done the cheapest. So I would obviously weigh all the economy problems hugely into your price.
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    Consider all that is written here, but the most important thing to be sure of is the TIME to do the job correctly. I see many areas for time misjudgment on that site. Curb edging, fence trimming, cutting around the drainage areas if they are too wet to stay on with big mowers....just to name a few. Sometimes better to allow a large company try and squeeze a dollar out of a large property than for you too bite off way more than you can handle. Just trying to tell you to be smart and not get all giddy over getting a large account. Walk that property at least once and pay attention to all the small detail stuff that swallows time. Good Luck and be smart!
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    ok lots to reply to here! and thanks alot for all the help! there is noone anywhere near here that has equipment to "blow" mulch as u mentioned. the last company did the mulch over a 2 week period. Also there is no edging requirements just trimming. all fences and drainage ditches are treated with roundup only problem that could come with this is like you said one ditch holds water during the "wet" times of the year. Also please consider that all the info i need about this place i can get from my friend who used to mow it for the company that has had it the past 3-5 years. this is JUST A GUESS but im thinking they were getting around 35k a year for it but once again thats JUST A GUESS... i remember hearing that from one of the employees of the place
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    Take out the old mulch? They must have money to burn...
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    kinda what im thinking... because when i read the first of the mulch part i was like how the #*%# am i going to get a MINIMUM of 70 yds in here!?!?!? because i could get away with around 20 easy without removing the old... in todays economy and esp since they are an automotive plant i would think they need to be saving all the money they could
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    Well if you think that it's worth maybe bid like $34,000 or just under them. The only thing is, if they had an alright thing going with the original lawn care, then you might have to go less in order for them to make the change to use you. Now if the former lawn company is not business anymore than bid whatever or even up with what they were at.
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    im not sure if they were completely satisfied or downright disguisted or what but i do know that they had alot of problems with them not removing the trash in the rear where the workers outdoor break area was. also the contract is only up for bids every so often as it says on the info packet...(one year contract and two year extensions thereout IF work is satisfactory) but im sure since the owner of the mowing co. pays no attention to the property nor does he ever even see it gets mowed by a 20 year old and a mexican making 8-10 dollars an hour its not very satisfactory... i think their mowing sucks because they run the SAME pattern EVERY time to make better striped and i hate it when ppl do that.. but they do it on every lawn they mow
  9. Bidding one of those fill-in-the-blanks contracts has you working someone elses itenerary on how to care for the lawn.

    I doubt the old company removed all of the old mulch and installed 70 yards of new mulch every year. Though I have no doubt that's what they billed them. If you use hardwood mulch it needs to stay in the beds. Turn it once or twice a year. It's supposed to decompose. You may need to rake off some of the big woody chunks. You could spread them on those bare spots in the back lawn. It needs some organic material.

    Roundup works poorly around chain link fence. You need a soil sterilant. Pea gravel under the fence looks good, slows erosion and helps keep the sterilant in place.
    Roundup isn't labeled for aquatic use. It won't work in weeds in standing water. You don't want to be cutting those ditches with a trimmer every week.
    If you Roundup the weeds in the beds it'll need it about once a month. Won't take a whole tank of spray. 3.5 gallons. Not a big deal. The beds wind up weed free. If you applied pre emergence under the mulch.

    The old contract was a lot of BS. You'd do better writing your own plan for lawncare.
    36 cuts per year? Maybe by the front door where he was pouring on the nitrogen. But the back lawn has bare spots!

    Can't help you any on the price. I hope you can get $35k out of 14 acres. I wish I could get $35 k for 14 acres. So good luck to you.
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    without seeing the parking areas and not knowing how many "plow able events" you have per year this is only a guess, but figure the same price for snow removal as you do for the mowing.

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