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commercial bid contact


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Ok here is a question for you guys who bid commercial. We all know that these guys take there good old time makeing a decision. So how often do you call them to get a answer. This one account I put a bid in back in Feb. Week later did my follow up call of course no decision so I say I will get back to you in a week or so. Well I give them I think 2.5 weeks no decision. This time he says try back in two weeks well that is next week so we will see. Some of these guys put this off and they have no clue. They are business men like us why don't thay understand where we come from anyway. How often or how many times does everyone contact commercial accounts that they bid. Hope that all makes senses thanks.
I always call back after 1 or maybe 2 weeks. I call it a follow up call. Make sure they recieved the price ok, or it they have any questions about the estimate. This shows them Im interested in working for them, and helps me find out if they have reached a decsion yet or not.... PUts my name back in there minds again...

Lawns of KY

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Louisville, KY
I always follow up a couple of days after I submit their proposal. I will then follow up every 7-10 days, unless they tell me not to, depending on how quick they will be making a decision. You do not want to leave it alone because the "other guy" is following up. Maybe send a follow up letter several days after your first call. Just try and keep your name in their heads. Don't be discouraged by them not making decisions because the commercial sector has always been like that. They will make their decision when the grass is 10 inches high. Ha Ha. Hope this helps.