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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pepper, Sep 20, 2001.

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    Well, I'm going to try this again, the first one somehow didn't take. I need some advice concerning commercial bids. I need to submit a bid on about 150 houses through a homeowners association. I have no idea what kind of format a commercial bid should look like. Does anyone have any advice or a sample bid I could use as a guide to formulate my own? I appreciate any help or advice.
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    Your other thread is in the Landscaping Forum.
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    Here are some helpful hints to help you along your quandry:

    Measure the total turf areas to be maintained to calculate your mowing, trimming, and sweeping/blowing times.

    Estimate the amount of time you think will be spent picking up debris while mowing to calculate your trash removal times.

    Measure the total linear footage of ornamental beds to claculate your edging times.

    As far as shearing is concerned not knowing your skill level you can guesstimate your estimated times by figureing 5 minutes per small (under 2') shrubs, 10-15 minutes for medium (3'-5') shrubs, and up 45 minutes for large (6' above)shrubs and hedges. These times include the clean-up as well.

    I dont know the rates for snow/ice control in your areas but you will want to factor in your estimate for plowing, site clearing (hauling the piles away) - sanding/salting vehicular and pedestrian pavements, hand labor for snow blowers, shoveling, dispersing ice melts etc. - figure whether your pricing structure will be contingent upon per push, per fall, and/or both.

    Good Luck!

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