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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by kmart104, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. kmart104

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    I have a question. Has anyone picked up a bid spec from a place and they have the shrub trimming under monthly maintenance.

    "Pruning of dead and broken limbs
    Trim all existing shrubs as needed or directed
    Shrubs to look neat at all times
    Cleaning of all trimmings as needed. "

    Normaly it's just spring clean up, mulch, cuttings, trimming, fall clean up.

    They have one line for monthly which includes a few different things. This being one of them. They made out their own bid sheet but it's not they way i would or could do to make it clear to both of us.

    I will prob just make up my normal bid packet for them but was wondering if anyone else has seen this and what they have done.
  2. orangemower

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    Definitely submit your own package for the bid. All they will do is compare and if its fair and they are not looking to have a one sided contract ( meaning it favors them and not both parties) it should be good enough.
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  3. Dr.NewEarth

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    I've seen it before. Just keep entrances, windows and access areas clear. Send some-one around with a saw on a regular basis, and follow your normal routines for hedges and stuff.

    That's what I would do. The customer is NOT always right. We just have to make them think they are without fighting about it.
  4. kmart104

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    I plan on giving my usual bid packet to them. I just don't want to lump everything together and them just seeing one big amount. I like the more you specify what you are talking about esp with $ the better.
  5. uniquechev

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    I have acondo unit that it's all included with a monthly price. what i do is figure out what it would cost to do that job if it wasnt then devide the cost up and add it into the monthly quote for the property. Mine did the same when they got rid of the property management company and took it over ... It's kind of a pain but make them feel like they are getting a great deal but you make out with the work and fallow through with doing a little extra here and there for them . I've submitted their form back to them with a note on thier form to please see attached for further information with service infor and recommendations from your company. Giving out info is a good way to show you know what your talking about and sometimes shows them they dont really know what the right way is etc. good luck
  6. kmart104

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    That sounds good. I'll give them their copy with the amount divided into what it will be monthly. There way isn't to fair with weekly cutting either. There are 5 weeks in a couple of months. I'm sure they're not anal about it. They seemed like really nice people. haha but don't they all.

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