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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by SONSCAPES, Aug 9, 2006.


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    I Have A Big Job I'm Bidding On. One Of The Mega Stores With It's Own Strip Mall. When I Usually Bid I Double The Shrubs And Trees But This Is My Biggest To Date. My ? Is This Job For An Example Has 103 Red Sunset Maples 2" Caliper I Get Them For $75.00 Per Tree Is It Feasible To Charge $150.00 Per Tree It Comes Up To Almost 16 Grand Just For The Maples Should I Continue With The Doubling Material On A Job This Size. Next ? How Much Straw Will I Need To Cover 28 Acres Of Seeded Land And How Do You Figure It For Future Reference Thanks!
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    Commercial landscaping gets very expensive i would stay with that price. I hydro seed now i do not use straw. It depends on where your at straw of course is a insulation and here in Md. weather it is straw or 70-30 blend for hydro seeder you need 1 ton per acre.
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    depends on the size of the bales, but 75 per acres is a starting point
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    Make sure that you look at the plans very carefully. Look at the specifications even more carefully.

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