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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lashom35, Mar 26, 2009.

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    Just wanted to get some advice. I'm bidding on a commercial lot with 12 mow able acres and it's relatively wide open. I'll be using two 60" Dixie Extreme Mach. and one 36" walk behind to cut down on the trim time. Previous contractor stated he did it in 5 hrs. Just wanted to get some feedback on a price and time. Thanks in advance.
  2. His time seems about right. About price, I dunno. It's kind of like giving a quote over the phone. $40 - $60/acre? Maybe more if it's a really "busy" lawn.
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    It took the previous guy 5 hours with 3 men??? How tall is the grass when it's time to cut it?

    Normal mowing height a 60" mower should be able to cut approx 2 acres an hour of "open" area. So with just 2 60" mowers that should only be 3 hours or 6 man hours however you want to figure it.

    Obviously you'd add time for obstructions and then for trimming... but if as yoiu said it's pretty wide open....

    Figure your man hours and multiply your normal hourly rate... if you want to discount from there for the amount of work at one stop then that's up to you.

    Without seeing the "trimming" it's hard to give a good guess.
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    Not sure he means the previous guy used same equip or guys. Five hours sounds right with a good machine and one guy depending on trimming.
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    I don't think one guy with a ZTR is gonna get 12 acres cut in 5 hours, much less the trimming. If he can I want to hire him right now.

    It would take over an hour with our 15ft batwing and then you'd still have the trimming to do. (a facitious arguement.. the cut quality of the batwing would not be acceptable for anything other than a "field")
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    I was planning on 4.5 hrs total with travel and load time included (approx. 45 min total). Trim will be more extensive for the first 5 or 6 cuts then that have treatments applied to reduce growth around the school and church. I usually get around 65 to 70 an hour to run 2 guys. I'm in upstate NY just wondering if that's comparable to what you guys are getting. Your advice is much appreciated.
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    It matters if it is 12 acre total with buildings and such or 12 acre's of grass. I have a 34 unit townhome account on 12 acres. Just me with a Turf Tiger 61" takes 3.5 hrs to mow and 1 hr of trimming.
  9. kaferhaus

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