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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by BBallkid42, Feb 22, 2012.

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    I'm new to bidding commercial properties and wanted some insight from you guys. This is on a pretty standard neighborhood entrance. I myself know my bid for mowing but the homeowners association wants about 8 plants removed and 10 knockout roses planted throughout the entrance. Also, they want a lawn treatment application put down by me 4 times a year as well as monthly weed removal and light pruning. They said last year's company was $230 a month just for weed upkeep/removal (and there was barely any weeds all year,) that seemed ridiculous to me!! Anyway, does anyone have any base rates they could help me out with as far as lawn applications, weed removal monthly and planting/removing plants. Just a solo man op trying to expand into commercial properties as well, thanks!
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    My suggestion not knowing how big this entrance is:
    Mowing - your rate
    Weed removal - $5 per cut
    Remove bushes/plant roses - 4 man hours, mark roses up $100%
    Lawn application, two broadleaf weed, two fertilization - $65 per app

    I know nothing about this site but if it's roughly the size of a half acre residential these rates will get you close. Don't worry too much about the one off stuff. Try to bag the mowing work you will be doing every week - hopefully after this season. good luck.

  3. BBallkid42

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    Well the only problem with those numbers is that they want pansies planted too throughout the entrance but those are only $2 each so you mark those up 100% and I'm only making $2 per pansy planted, which seems low to me. Also, what about a common tree that they simply want an edge created along and then mulch it? Anyone have an idea on something like that? Also, anyone please give me their base rates I really appreciate it.

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