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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nosparkplugs, Apr 19, 2008.

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    Just submitted a bid for another HOA last week got a call friday, I was informed out of 26 bids I was only the 6th LCO to have valid Contractor insurance,and the first to have a declaration page for verification. I was told that some of the bids were as high as $65,000 these bids were submitted buy "big" lawn care companies, struggling with rising overhead costs(IMO); this will be a nice account for us if I get it my estimate is lower but fair with a 20% profit margin easy HOA to maintain. Also I have submitted commercial reference's before, but this HOA made it clear their serious about visiting each LCO's commercial references, and want to speak to a reference contact person about our service history before a decision is made. The current LCO is losing the contract because; he says if his check is a day late, he will not work until it's in his bank account, second he refuse's to make sure the HOA is cut for special occasions or holidays, and this is written in the contract. I'm in the final 4 LCO a contact will be givin with two weeks, waiting is the worse:cry:
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    Sounds like he wont be cutting this account anymore. Good luck with the bid.
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    It sounds like you've got your act together here. Good Luck.

    As for the huge bids, I remember several years ago I was bidding on a commercial property not too far from here. My bid was $450/month. The highest bid was $30,000/year from a large outfit about two miles from this business.

    Did I low ball myself? It takes me approximately two hours per week in the summer and I only have to service the account twice a month October through March. They have primarily bermudagrass. They do all their fertilization applications themselves since the business they are in, they have that kind of stuff.

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