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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MImowerkid, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. MImowerkid

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    I am new to the whole bidding concept for commercial accounts I know their has been over 3000 posts on bidding but is there one that tells just the basics like 1 square foot =x amount plus x cents per tree so on and so on and if there is could you lead me in the right direction , or is there anyone who is wiling to give away some basics from the industry especially if you are in the Michigan area . thank you in advance :)
  2. Trevors Lawn Care

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    what part of michigan are you from?

  3. MImowerkid

    MImowerkid LawnSite Member
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    I am in Novi bout 45 min to an hour away from you
  4. Smithers

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    I was wondering that myself.....

    How do you bid on commercial accounts? It is so much different than residential since the sizes (shape) of mowing areas differ extensively.

    Any suggestions?
  5. Mr. C

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    I would say that you need to do the following:
    1. Walk the property with the prospect first - find what are their concerns.
    2. Take notes
    3. Take your measuring wheel and measure every item that will be included in the service. Mowing, edging, hedge, trim Ect. You should have some type of idea of how long it takes each task under normal circumstances.
    4. Figure out how many bilable man hours it will take to complete the service plus travel time.
    5. Multiple that by your hourly rates.
    6. List all services you will provide, number of service date and the total cost in your contract.

    That's about it although there are a few items i may have left out. I would like to hear what anyone else has to add.
  6. Smithers

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    Mr. C, thanks a lot. I was thinking i would not get a reply to my question.

    I have one more concern....How do you deal with the areas in a commercial lawn that you can not cut with a mower. You know, the area between their sign and a tree let's say, where the mower can not get to. or the area between the bushes and the building.

    Edging would be way too long, but the mower would not enter. Do you break out you 21"??? :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
  7. Mr. C

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    In your calculations you should calculate the material cost and labor hrs for a weed control application a minimum of 4 times a year. You might be better off using 6 or 8 times. In this case on your first service I suggest just burning those areas and mulching them especially in the unseen areas. This can save you time during on future services by not having to use the line trimmer or 21 inch to take care of those areas. Make sure you charge the client for the mulch although its going to help you it's still bilable. In areas around signs you can even add ground cover to the new plant beds (at charge) to make them actually feel like the area is being enhanced.
  8. Tn Lawn Man

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    That's sound like much the way I do it with heavy emphasis on #1

    There is no great secret. Just be very careful to estimate the time it will take you to do it. Otherwise you could really find yourself in a pinch.
  9. Smithers

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    number one is given....

    I am sorry, but that does not help me too much. Their sign is planted in a square wooden box with mulch in it, ok? The sides are 8" high

    There is a tree about 3 feet off the sign. That's the kinda areas i am talking about....where i can not go thru with the mower, yet it's too much for the trimmer. would take too long.

    Then, there are 20 bushes along the building. they are about 3 feet from the building. No mulch beds, no nothing. just bushes.

    How do you cut those? With the trimmer, it would take me 30 min and the bushes will scratch my face every time, since they are kinda tall.

    any ideas?
  10. cush

    cush LawnSite Senior Member
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    your 21" should fit right in there if it is 3 feet or 36" wide.
    just my .02

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