Commercial bid proposal?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by wdwhite6915, May 21, 2013.

  1. wdwhite6915

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    I plan on submitting quite a few bids on commercial properties in my area this fall for next season and was wondering what all should I include with the bid such as references, brochure? Just want it to look professional and stand out. I have never placed bids on commercial so any help or ideas would be much appreciated.
  2. richardcog

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    Love to know what other say about this to
  3. dstifel

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    I'm subscribing
  4. rbljack

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    I just turned my first bid in last week for an estimate on a clean up. I described the services in detail, and explained what was covered. I used quickbooks online, and have my logo showing up on my estimates for a clean look. I explained that I would do a net30 billing, and the store manager thought the estimate was detailed and professional. We shall see how it goes.
  5. herler

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    You need to submit proof of insurance.
  6. CrimsonMaintenance

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    Use a professional looking bid/proposal with terms and prices. Also use a cover letter with a little information about your company and abilities.

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