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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by NGL, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. NGL

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    hi i know this comes up a ton on here but i'm in the process of bidding on a commercial account. The commercial location is about 30 minutes from where i'm located. I figured out that i will be paying one other worker 10 dollars per hour and the job will take 2 full days(9 hours per) i would just like some insight into this matter please give advice thanks
  2. Flex-Deck

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    How many acres? How much trimming? I mean, if you are moving in with 21" push mowers and it is going to take 2 days @ 9 hrs. per day, it is still worth the same to the customer as if you pull in with 72" mowers and are done in 3 hrs.
  3. prostriper

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    How much you charge will depend on your overhead and the going hourly rate in your area. the industry average in the east is $36 per man hr.
  4. lawnrangeralaska

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    I personally would be happy with $1,600 to $1,700 for the work. Not sure if thats even realistically close to what you can get though.

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