Commercial Bidding overload

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Charles, May 18, 2001.

  1. Charles

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    I went to bid on this large commercial job and when I got there another lawn care company was already bidding. So I jumped right in with the price i would do it for while he said he would call them back and let them know. They liked me and my bid.
    The next day when I started working a parade of lawncare people kept riding through the subdivision. I guess the customer had called many and let them all come to give back up bids. I would say 10 or 15 companies. They seem to like my work so I am keeping the job. But i dont think I would have had it if i had hesitated or shown up late.
    Just too many people in lawncare right now in this area.
  2. kris

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    Being able to give prompt service is a great selling point and will get you many jobs,unfortunately I can't do it as often as I would like...certain times I am just to busy. Also your line that said,"they liked me" tells allot..personality will also get you work even if you are not lowest bidder.. Congrats on getting the job!!
  3. Charles

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    Thanks Kris. I went to bid on the property the same day after i had ate supper(7pm). Thats overtime for me. I actually had 2 bids that day. One was smaller than the other and i got both. Alot of good that will do me though if we dont get some rain. Sitting here now because the temp is 90 and the grass is burnt to a crisp. That might have been why so many showed up to bid so they have something to cut.

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