Commercial Bidding?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RwADesigner, Mar 31, 2002.

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    Hey Guys!!

    Ive been in design and installation of landscapes for about 12 yrs now.....

    I am wanting to get into commercial maintenance also
    Any good solid ideas on how to get into this....maybe get some nice commercial jobs..advertising...??

    Also.. how do u guys bid projects (mowing, edging, trimming, pruning) Do you figure your bid on a by the hour basis, acre...wut?

    all replies are welcomed.

    thanks guys
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    Commercial work is a matter of knocking on doors and who you know. They get hit on everyday by someone who thinks bigger is better. Bids can run from very low to very high. Remember one thing Commercial means it is a business. Business like to keep expenses down and value up. Be sure you spell everything out, including what is not covered.

    There are two ways to price bids. 1. Formulas 2. actual cost plus.

    1.) Formulas simply measure the sq ft of each item and apply a factor to get a total price. ( this is most common way of bidding)

    2.) Actual cost takes in man hours, equipment costs, insurance etc. etc. plus profit. ( this is more cost effective if done right) Be sure to add office over head to loaded labor rate.

    We do both on large commercial jobs and go with the higher. The bigger the job more money you can lose. I used to stay away from big commercial jobs because of qualified help and profit margins. We now bid them but at our price and sell the quality. Because we will not drop our price for volume we only have a few smaller commercial accounts and do mostly upscale residential.

    Tomorrow We will be turning in 3 commercial bids. We will have a meeting with each. 1.) a Small condo that is unhappy with present Maintenance service. ( word of mouth and feel we with get this one because they told us what they spend now and what they would spend. ) 2.) a front entrance re-landscape for upscale Mobil home park. ( another word of mouth, I think we have a good chance at) 3. a pest control lawn care on a 120,000 sq ft turf at condo. ( this I think is a waste of time because TrueGreen is also bidding. Management company needed three bids.) This is not our regular week it is in fact the biggest bid day we have ever had. Tomorrow is April fools day so I hope I am not Fooling myself.

    I am sure some one else will have something to add or disagree with but that what LS is all about. Good Luck

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