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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jrod2604, Sep 23, 2004.

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    This is my first year in the lawn care business and we have done very well and are currently wanting to expand for next season. I was wondering when do you bid on the commercial jobs and how do you go about it. Any input would be great. Thank you Jerod
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    Hey Jerod - I was wondering the same thing. just a couple of weeks ago I had a customer of mine ask me to stop in for a bit after I was done, what he said to me is with me today. He said what are you doing? puzzled, I asked what did he mean? He said, like me, he was cutting grass working his a-- off when his father in law told him to look into commercial property. I can share with you what little i've learned in the past few weeks. First you have to decide what type of commercial properties to go after? start out with the smaller ones at first and make sure your equipment is in line? don't get in over your head, meaning your going to be dealing with property managers, I have found these people to be hard to deal with at times promising you alot but never delivering, for every dollar you come down, they might be putting in their pocket? so make sure whatever company your thinking about working for has a good reputation and your being paid a fair wage. I was also told by this customer, don't be afraid to travel a bit, it's usually always worth the extra miles which if your careful you can make it up in your bid? make sure you have insurance because sh-- happens! DON'T BE EGAR take your time and walk around the job ask questions, you can usually tell alot about the job just by looking how well maintained the property is etc. try and talk to a few tenants if it's a Garden apt. complex or condo's if the deal sounds to good to be true it usually is! ask questions on this site about getting started, at first you might not get many replies, but hang in there if your serious about getting involved, ask the right questions and you'll be surprised at some of the feedback . This customer told me that he had two crews, two trucks, three machines of which he replaced every three yrs or so? and within 12 yrs he made enough money working for Banks, small Garden apt complexes and small Condo's ? That worked for him. I know I didn't give you any real good info but thats because i am waiting for this season to calm down so that I can start to do the leg work and endess hrs of chasing and finding the right leads. I know it's worth it, how bad do I want it though? Thats the question! you can only be so careful, I've been told my whole life Making mistakes is part of it, just try not repeating the same ones Best of luck! if anything, maybe I gave you food for thought?

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