Commercial bids that dont pay minimum amounts?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Ramairfreak98ss, May 30, 2011.

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    So i looked over a bid "because of curiosity" that we bid out in march, well we were going to, and they "gave us their pricing" of their "budget" for some larger stores maintenance in NJ.

    Included with the spring clean up price of $1,100.00 even, was "mulching, bed edging, pre-emergent, weeding, turf cleanup, pruning, shrub/hedge trimming and irrigation turn on", ok sounds normal to me...

    But when our office looked over the site layout, and estimated it taking approximately 70-80 yards of mulch! We asked the company "a national management" company, if the mulch was not a separate line item, their response was just to decline bidding if you cannot meet their requirements!

    Now common, The least we've ever done large mulch jobs, say over 50 yards like this were $48.00/yard, thats a bare minimum of $3,360 right there and thats assuming the beds are prepped already, just applying the mulch on top!

    The total for this site was $7,100 a year, the lawn/turf maintenance came to $5k alone, mulch was $3k+, the "spring cleanup minus mulch application", was close to $3.5k.

    Ridiculous, but then they called us to find out if we were interested in sweeping the 320,000sq ft lot and behind the building/dumpster areas, for $62.00 a week? And no it wasnt USM, though they do the very same BS:confused:
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    At least they told you to politely decline.....before you "had to" go through the bid process.

    Sometimes the best jobs are the ones you don't get.
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    I hope that the large nationals start going under, they are driving the price down so much its getting hard to make a living. They dont do any work, they just find cheaper and cheaper suckers to do it. I have bid building very fare, and there is always some hack doing it for a third the price.
  4. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    I dont bid on stuff like that
    Sometimes I'll act like going give them a bid Just to see the details of the job

    I know there been some calling from banks wanting lawns mowed every 3 weeks and only want to pay 40-50 per time I tell them keep looking
  5. Exactly why I don't deal with commercial and HOA...
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    Commercial used to be where the money was in the 90s but that sure isn't the case now. Commercial has gone so cheap these day's we don't even bother to bid on most of them. We used to be 60/40 residential and commercial but now we are 95% residential and 5% commercial. Residential is where the money is now. Commercial accounts have gone so cheap on the price they are willing to pay that there not worth the time to talk too. Its everyone's fault who mow's cheap or under bids on jobs they know should go for more. And you know who you are and its been going on for years. Now there is NO money in mowing commercial.
  7. CAlawn

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    90% of landscapers in my area think that "going commercial" gives some kind of status and put your business at a different level.
    They get new trucks,machines,expend in every little thing.
    I've seen them going out of business in 3 years or less,leaving crews of 20+ people in the street,biding jobs for the cost just to try to save the ship that sinks irrefutably (and screw over all other landscapers that are outbid)

    I am with you,lawnpro,I know who they are too.

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