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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by grassguy123, Jan 31, 2007.

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    I've been doing residential lawn service accounts for 2 years. I want to move to commerical. I called our township tax assessor to get a list of all our local businesses, but they couldnt help. Who hires the contractor,1)the building and property owner or 2)the business owner. Is there any easy way to get lists of commericial properties with contact and block and lot public records maybe. Let me know. Thanks
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    Usually the building administrator or property owner handles things like hiring contractors. Just drive around the town where you live and look for the kind of accounts you would like to have and send them an introduction letter. You can usually find address info in yellow pages or with the SBA or county building.
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    Generally, a business will have a designated person in charge of the property maintenance.

    If it's something like condos, then there is likely an independent property management company that handles those things. Simply hit the phone book and call every property management company and find out if they are accepting bids on their properties.

    I used to send letters to businesses. No more.

    Think about it, 99% of them go in the trash.

    GO TO THE BUSINESS. Ask to speak with the property manager or person in charge of the property maintenance. If they're in, give them a card, introduce yourself, and explain that you are seeking contracts. If they say they're set up for now, thank them for their time. Try to get the card of the person so that you have contact info.

    If they're not in, try to get contact info and call them within the next few days.

    Be persistent but polite. One visit or phone call will not leave an impression. You'll need to put yourself in front of them numerous times before they even remember who you are.

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