Commercial contracts


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Could anyone give us some pointers on bidding on commercial accounts. We have bid on a few. It seems someone always lowholes everybody else. Sometimes they don't meet all the requirements on the bid sheet and they still get the contract. <br>Thanks!!


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We only do commercial work. There are different types and standards in commercial <br>jobs,just as in residential. If you specialise in the &quot;high end&quot; and larger <br>commercial jobs,you won't get as many cheap<br>and nasty competitors,due to higher outlays.<br>When dealing with commercial customers,remember that you are usually dealing with a professional,and you should<br>act accordingly. You must know what you are<br>talking about,as most of these people can<br>spot a bullshit artist a mile off. Be able<br>to offer other services aside from lawn care.<br>EG. If they have a problem with gardens or<br>site cleanups,offer to arrange garden care or<br>a bobcat. Another way to impress them is to<br>be able to come up with a &quot;ball park&quot;price<br>on the spot. This way they know roughly what<br>to expect.<br>Hope this helps.<p>Karl<br>