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    I am just starting outin the business and what I need to know is this. I have 5 commercial accounts lined up for this year so far but should I have a binding contract (on paper)
    or go with a verbal agreement? My better judgement tells me to go with a written contract. Is there anyone out there that would have an example that they could e-mail me?
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    Definitly written contract for all commercial accounts. I wouldnt touch a property unless it was on paper. Residential prefer written out but I have a few that i pick up on a stop while we were doing the neighbors and we talked with that customer on verbal price. In six years i have had only on problem with getting paid, and that account is filed with the local courts pending outcome still. i am suprised the commercial guys u talked to havenot asked for a bid on paper. What happens if that guy leaves next week, your screwed, no written contract.
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