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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dcplace2004, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. dcplace2004

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    I am seriously questioning "commercial" products...I have a Stihl BG85C handheld, a FS110R Trimmer, and a BR600 BP...all three have spent time in the shop for an array of problems...however, my toro personal pace (2001 noncommercial model) that I bought used over two years ago for 200 dollars is still running and going strong...I would have been better off buying a husky trimmer from Blowes, and a handheld and BP blower from one of the box stores...I am very pizzed off with the quality that these "commercial" companies are putting, my Stihl warranties are over, was that fast...AND WHEN DO THINGS BREAK?...they break at the one year mark...I will probably go redmax next time and in the meantime have to eat my crow from all the crappola I talked about redmax. The other post with the BG85's not starting when hot - that is mine - bigtime...I had an echo trimmer from HD that gave me NO ran and ran and FS110 is too heavy and bulky for general use and I am going to get some model that is at 9 may just be that husky at HD...I will probably never buy Stihl again...THEIR WARRANTY IS PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Commercial products are overrated junkola...

    TURF DOCTOR LawnSite Silver Member
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    Redmax Two Years Commercial Warranty.
  3. ed2hess

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    I am not sure but aren't all three of these pieces of equipment new models? I try to buy models that have been around for a couple years. Consider the Echo 261T and the Stihl BR420 they are solid machines.
  4. Envy Lawn Service

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    I tend to agree to a certain degree I guess.
    It's something you sort of learn the hard way I guess.

    But still it really does not excuse a sub-par piece of equipment.
    But it often happens early on with new models.
    Yet again, there are a LOT of guys with zero problems with them...

    Two of those are new models, and the BG85 may be also... I can't keep up with the suffix letters. Point being, some of the BG85's are the same great blower design that's been all F'ed up thanks to the EPA... with the addition of a catalytic muffler.

    Unfortunately though.... believe me when I say, don't expect better quality out of the other brands. I've had good luck with Stihl 2 stroke products (same 85 engine) and I've only had one go down in 4-5 years (broken flywheel key). But at the same time, I refuse to let myself become blind brand loyal.

    With that said, I've been running RedMax demos the last few weeks (see reviews). While the warranty is impressive, I can't help but be certain I'll need to use it within 2 years. Go check one out and you'll see right off there are some nice features... But you'll also see that the structural differences are very apparent. If you run one, you'll feel it too. Personally, I only seem to like the Strato-Charged engines, which do NOT crank all that well anytime, and require warm-up time after starting. I also work a trimmer HARD and LONG... and to be truthful I can smell the engines getting hot to the point I'm afraid I'll burn them down if I try to work them as hard as the Stihl 85 engine.

    Echo, I can't complain about. I've yet to have one last as long as a Stihl though. I have one unit that will be getting close if it lasts into next season. But if it does, it still will not have near the hours of actual use on it.

    Shindawa, can't complain about them at all. Haven't ran any in years though because I chose to switch for local reasons.

    Husqvarna, trust me their warranty isn't worth the paper it's written on. If I can't talk you out of one, go to Lowes and look for a unit that is Swedish made if you can find it. But atleast if you get it from Lowes, if it breaks you can take it back up there and throw a homeowner tantrum in hopes they'll just give you another new one..... but you could do the same with Echo through Home Depot. (I'm tempted sometimes myself)(Echo).
  5. Roger

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    I have had a Stihl BG85 hand held blower for a couple of years and really like it. I have never had one problem with it. Also, I have had Stihl FS85 trimmer, FC85 edger and HS80 clippers. Other than routine items (e.g. starter rope frayed, clutch spring breaking after four seasons), they have all been fine pieces of equipment and would buy Stihl again.
  6. ThirdDay

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    2 out of the 3 Stihl units you mention are the new 4-mix products....

    Need I say anything more?? The 4 mix units are showing up at the dealer in mass for repairs...just look back in the shop area of your larger Stihl dealer.
  7. lawnboy dan

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    i agree-i am avoiding the 4mix till they get the bugs worked out -if ever. so far my huskies have done fine no problems and its their second season now
  8. dcplace2004

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    I am not saying that my equipment does not have power...I like the BR600 a great deal...but, the trimmer I have takes it's toll on me with the weight...I am 205 and in excellent shape and I would appreciate the 9 pound trimmer husky or any other brand at that weight...I don't care about the warranty as they are scams (maybe not redmax's 2 year one)...chances are, like with my toro personal pace (the years cutting now and an 02 model), it would do fine as a non-commercial alternative...I am with you on the 4-mix...I may be done with the technology...except for the blower I will buy redmax or husky next time...
  9. HenryB

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    It's really hard to beat Redmax. The 2300 trimmer is awesome we love it, A basic old fashioned two cycle. The 2400 is stratocharged IMO the 2300 is much better.
  10. saw man

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    Seems like your fault for buying the Stihl unit that was so heavy. It has nothing to do with brand, Husky, Redmax, Echo will have just as heavy of trimmers.

    I think it sounds like you went in and bought what they had and didnt put any real thought into it. Sounds like operator problem and not manufacture problem.

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