Commercial estimate help need it. 200 acres

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    Commercial estimate help need it. 200 acres Central Jersey
    It an office campus in central jersey any help would be appreciate it.
    I just don't want to low ball the business. No this big commercial experience.


  2. Puddle of Oil

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    200 mowable acres?
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    I asked the person on the phone how many acres and she said 200. I did not ask if all of them were movable.. but lets assume for a moment that they are. could you give me a ball park figure ?
  4. Mark Oomkes

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    Why would you want his price?

    Is he mowing the office park?

    Is the cost of living the same in Ohio as in Joisey?

    What if he is a one man show and you have 50 employees?

    What if you are cutting with a 21" and he is using a 16' bat wing mower?

    What is your estimated price?

    Because if you can't figure out how to price it, you sure won't be able to handle the actual work.
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    If i don't know something I admit to it like it should be, I am not ashamed of asking and admitting my ignorance. This is the biggest property that I am invited to bid. I don't want to blow it. That is why I admit that I don't know and I need advise. 3 Men Crew 3 60" Scag Machines.

    Thank you

  6. Puddle of Oil

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    Without anymore details from the property itself its kinda hard to say.

    Do you know your hourly rate? You can start by bidding this by the hour.
  7. Damian

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    The only advice I'm qualified to give is to consider what kind of extra time/grief you'll have to consider when the leafs start to fall (and fall, and fall and fall...) I mean, it's one thing to bid now, and another to kick yourself later when you watch the leafs eat away your profit because you didn't consider the time needed to deal with them.
  8. Mark Oomkes

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    You want someone who has never seen the property to give you a price, although I'm not sure by your posts if you've seen the property.

    Let me try again:

    Is this whole property filled with slopes and berms?

    Or is it flat?

    Are there 3,000 trees present?

    Do the trees have beds not requiring trimming?

    Or is someone going to spend the rest of their life trimming around 3,000 trees?

    Seriously, your question is ignorant. You should realize this because you don't even know if there is 200 acres of turf to mow. The whole property could be 200 acres with 5 acres of buildings, 20 acres of parking lots, 100 acres of forest, 10 acres of ponds, 60 acres of beds and 5 acres of turf to mow. How often do they want it mowed? Once a week or once a month?

    Then, you ask for prices from people who are in completely different situations, with completely different businesses, and completely different areas of the country with completely different costs in operating their businesses for a price on something that you yourself have no details about.

    So, my answer is somewhere between $500 and $100K per cut.
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    I guess you are right.
    I will get more info and try again.

    Thanks to everyone.

  10. Mark Oomkes

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    Good for you, smarter than the same type of guys on plowsite that just get all pissy and think they are owed a price.

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