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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by adavenp4, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. adavenp4

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    I am in Landscape Design at the University of TN and do my own landscaping for people and hopefully will start a busniess when i gratuate but i was wondering what the average cost for you all was to draft a landscape design for a company is. I know it also depends on how long it takes, how big of a job, how much drafting it concerns, etc. If i could just get a ball park on what you all do that would be great.
  2. DVS Hardscaper

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    Prices for L-scape designs done by our architect start at $400 and have gone as high as $2200.

    Although most average out around $800 - $1200.

    Most of our designs are complete. With all plants identified, speced, and quantified. Very detailed.
  3. westwind

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    450.00 minimum up here. Remember the customer can take that design anywhere when your done. Don't sell yourself short! payup
  4. Dreams To Designs

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    My prices start at $500 for a small front or rear yard design with complete drawing, 3D imaging and Horticopia generated plant list. A typical full property design starts at $1500 and escalates from there due to complexity, such as pools, spas, irrigation plan, lighting plan, etc. If you go to the Northern half of New Jersey the rates are usually doubled. Consultations are $100 for first hour and $75 for each additional hour and they are for my time and travel only. No plans or lists. Landscaper consultations and education are $150 for half day and $250 for a full day.

  5. Coffeecraver

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    The cost for design can be:

    10-15% of the total cost of Materials and Installation
    depending on the designer.

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