Commercial Forums should exclude Residential Forums

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by mdvaden, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. mdvaden

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    Mr. Moderator...if you find a better spot for this thread, feel free to move it. But I think a lot of people should think through this stuff because I see many home owners trying to undermine paying landscapers for knowledge as well as trees.

    Tonight, I posted this at Arborist Site:
    Thread about Eradicating freebie tree advice forums

    Note the end of it about sticky threads for residential folks.

    One thing I like about Lawn Site, is that it does not SPECIFY forums for residential folks, and fortunately, not many come here to rake-in advice for free.

    It's become apparent that when arborists and landscapers dish out free advice without on-site diagnosis, it demeans the profession making it look like anybody can do it.

    And yeah, they can sort of in practical ways, but not diagnosis ways or problem solving ways. Even if they could, you guys deserve to get paid for consulting and advice. This profession is very low on the pay scale, why help to undermine it.
  2. The Good Earth

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    Amen. I was trying to say the same thing last week on here. This place should at least consider "Pay to Play".
  3. stxkyboy

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    Asuming that you have a valid complaint, in that homeowners are simply taking info for there own use to skip hiring a contractor.....wouldnt it still be cheaper for them to pay the fee for the website rather than hire a contractor? One other point is I think that the type of people who ask questions on here are not the type of people who would be interested in hiring a contractor, they would rather just do it themselves. They are simply using this webiste as on of the many resources available, ie books. Personally I think that as a service profession landscapers are not revealing any great secrets here(because the fact is there really arent any in landscaping), the thing that landscapers really have to offer is time, manpower, and equiptment(things most homeowners lack and therefore hire others). Im not saying this applys to every situation but it is an overall observation.
  4. mdvaden

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    There is a very good certified arborist in Portland, that noted the same thing I did about the satellite suburbs of Portland, like Newberg. People are calling for the typical free estimate, to try and snake-out opinions and info via a work description of the bid.

    Then they hire someone that is city licensed who invested nothing into traning or the industry to do the work at rock bottom bid price with the homeowner supervising (taking the info from the certified pros bid like:

    a. thin interior, no topping.
    b. removal limited to 20 %.
    and so on.

    Not to mentions no bid for disease control because the certified guy just looked at the tree in his bid time.
  5. AGLA

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    It is like gulls at the beach. You can feed them a lot and have them hang around and follow you. You can shoot them. Or, you can ignore them as a few feed them even though it is posted not to feed them.

    There does not seem to be too many. And when they do show up, they usually get way more abuse than help and then go away. I don't know if I am ready to give up that entertainment or the idiots that throw a pack of french fries on the hood of their cars for the gulls at the beach for that matter.
  6. gogetter

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    I don't think it would make a difference. There are TONS of lawn and garden type sites on the net. They're really not getting much more here then they can get at any number of other sites.

    Besides, it seems that most of the homeowners that post here are guys that are doing research on equipment, "which of these mowers would be best for my particular lawn" type of thing.
  7. newleaflandscape

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    I think the one thing that is great about this site, is that anyone can join. I see a couple home owner questions here and there, but I dont think anyone is feeling a loss over it. Actually I have seen quite a few homeowners on here that are hiring a contractor, and just want advice on which to pick, or to make sure they are goin with the right one. I am glad to see those homeowners who are not just hiring the lowballer, and generally want information on how to pick the best one. And besides if they ask a question, nobody has to answer it. Also I have seen alot of guys on here that are just thinking of beginning in the industry. Lot of guys in college etc. They are the ones who most benefit from this site, and may pass by if they have to pay. They are the ones we need to be educating so that we can have GOOD competition. Just my two cents

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