Commercial Honda or pro line toro?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Sharpe guy, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. leon2245

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    nm 8x2" wheels, & $899 to $1050. Just need a handle height.

    I'd just have a commercial toro dealer order one, but then I'd have to buy it even if the handle height is too short. One thing I like about the hondas is that the top of the handle bar can be up to 44" high!
  2. hunterhoff1

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    Honda all the way
  3. leon2245

    leon2245 LawnSite Member
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    all the way, PERIOD.
    Hands down.
    'nuff said

    POWDER SL UT LawnSite Member
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    I believe either of the Toro or Honda commercials would serve you well. It really comes down to which dealer(s) you get the impression or through previous experience will support you the best. Last week, I purchased another HRC216, but did consider Toro, Exmark, & Bravo. This was my reason for buying another Honda:

    * I notice that about 9 out of 10 LCO in my area use Honda, by so, the local market is flooded with Honda parts and I don't EVER have to order a Honda parts. I can always find what I need within 2-3 calls.

    * I typically find Honda parts to be some of the cheapest. I have a Kawasaki engine that sometimes just shocks me on the parts prices, but it's an awesome engine.

    * The HRC216 is the devil I know, I can tear them down and be back in action in little time. I know all of it's flaws and how to overcome them. With what ever you go with, stick with it and get to know it.

    * The dealers I prefer to do business with are primarily Honda guys and the Toro dealers I just don't care much for, not Toro, but the dealers. I've always felt like these other guys are shaking me down for every penny or just sub-par service.

    You'll hear that Honda is underpowered, and even I've at times after using something else that screams and vibrates (Harley effect), then use the Honda I get that underpowered impression for a second, because it's not as loud. But when I step back and realize it's actually cutting and bagging better than anything else, I realize it's more than powerful, so why does it need to be louder to get a less quality cut?

    I believe the Honda is just quieter, because it's so heavy and dense that the noise and vibration are absorbed not amplified.

    Personally, I like the long and tall bars on the Honda. When testing the Ybravo the bars came up to my crotch and I had to hunch over to use it. Through out the day it took a toll on my back and shoulders.
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  5. I_am_a_beginner

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    Honda all the way.

    I have both, toro and honda 21's.

    Toro is easy to work with but the cut is very bad compare to the honda.

    You can't mow wet grass with a Toro, you can with a Honda.

    The Honda has a bag that tends to clog when the grass is wet.

    Go with Honda anyway, you can't go wrong. We don't even use our 21 Toro anymore..

    Good luck
  6. Sharpe guy

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    Hi Everybody I thought I would update you on what i decided to go with. I went with the toro heavy duty. Sorry to disappoint you Honda guys. I just bought them a few days ago and I love them!!! They are fast, efficient, and cut great! I bought two of them they are a little spendy but overall I am very pleased with the decision. My supplier carries toro and not Honda. I didn't care much for the Honda dealers I talked to. My supplier has been very helpful and has gone out of their way to help me out. I decided to stay loyal to them and buy from them. I really like the Kawasaki kai engine, its strong and runs like a champ! the bbc is my favorite feature, its convenient and saves time. I will lets you know more on how it preforms over the rest of the season and i will post pics here soon. thank you everybody for your input and experience i appreciate it!!
  7. I_am_a_beginner

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    enjoy tall wet grass
  8. joed

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    Congratulations. I hope the machines serve you well. I am presuming that you got the 22198 model, the one with BBC and the Kawasaki KAI engine. Those are great models and great engines. I am sure they'll will serve you will for a long time. Let us know how they perform over the fall season.
  9. LawnSite Senior Member
    from Ontario
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    Just wanted to weigh in on the 22156, thr company I previously worked for had 4 of them, they were all great, lots of power, they mulched ok, and side discharged and bagged very well. It didnt have much vaccum to suck up leaves in the fall, but cut very well. They are lightweight, nimble, had very few problems,(one of which was the front tire brackets would bend, but were easily bent back, I think its on purpose so they dont break but instead bend when hitting something hard and also the gas tank was too small for a commercial unit. The side shute is great for long wet grass, and you can even bag with the side shute on, which sounds weird but has its uses. Came with Honda engine that ran strong and always started first pull. I know the Heavy Duty Toros are built like tanks but are very heavy and expensive. Just my thoughts, not bashing anything.
  10. Turf Tracer

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    Get the mulches much better than the Honda especially if grass is wet or lush. Also a bit lighter.

    Kaw engine on the Toro also has alot more torque.

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