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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by bobdaduke, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. bobdaduke

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    Do you know what to charge to aerate 4 acres of a commercial job. Is there a rate I should charge per 10000 sq ft to aerate, fertilize and seed? I know Scotts lawn service charges about $35 per 1000 sq ft, should I stay close to that or lower it for a commercial account I am bidding on? Thanks.
  2. The Cowboy

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    Scotts price would come to about 6 grand, but I am assuming it is for double aeration. I still think 6 grand would be a sure way to be booted out the door. I would use a drag behing aerator on the back of my ZTR, and do it in about 2- 3 hours for $750-$1000, or if I had to walk the whole thing I'd charge about 10 dollars per 1000 sq. Ft., about 1750 bucks. I do not do any aerations of this great size, there may be some discounts based on size of property. It would probably take me a good 12-15 hours with a ryan 28". This price is what I would personally charge for open turf, no trees and turns, but I may be a bit off from the others here on lawnsite. Get a few opinions before bidding. i usually bid for what is comfortable for me without paying attention to the other guys.

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