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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by DiSantolandscaping, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. DiSantolandscaping

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    if you all were just starting out and ready to go full time but cant get a zero turn or walk behind would you bid on commercial jobs like banks, stores, and stuff using a RIder? i plan on buying brand name back pack blower from stihl, nice hedge trimmer, one of them 150 dollar lawn spreaders from tractor supply, and few other things plus pay my insurance for the year and get shirts made up all with taxes. Can i get any work using a regular rider even though i know the risk with break downs and such.
  2. DiSantolandscaping

    DiSantolandscaping LawnSite Senior Member
    from Maine
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    also i have a full time job so any money i make mowing and landscaping will all go back to the business. I got some extra money out of mu full time job so i can save to get a walk behind or nice zero turn.
  3. C & T Landscaping

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    IMO I doubt a rider would be capable of anything commercial, they wear faster, move slower and don't leave the best cuts. Also, they don't look professional...I would look for a used walk behind that would be able to take the stress of cutting that lot weekly/ bi-weekly.
  4. LandFakers

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    Smalls stores, gas stations, and other small commercials really need to be done with a commercial 21 or 36... Each are relatively cheap and will last and leave the cut you need to build your business. A commercial 36" walkbehind can be had on Craigslist for $800 easily. Try and save up for that
  5. DiSantolandscaping

    DiSantolandscaping LawnSite Senior Member
    from Maine
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    i have been looking i can afford that but theres nothing around right now id like to have a walk behind just i need to get started so i can save i mean even one month worth of work and saving left over from my full time job i could get something around 1500 bucks i was just thinking that a rider would be better then nothing to get me going for now
  6. jrs.landscaping

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    By rider, do you mean a Z or a homeowner riding mower? If you are considering buying a homeowner rider I'd go for the walk behind first. I've seen work done by riders on the types of properties you're talking about and they make a mess of the property. I'd invest in the 36" walk behind someone else mentioned, it is a commercial grade product more suited to the properties you plan on mowing.
  7. McFarland_Lawn_Care

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    I would also say get a commercial wb or ztr first - you want to be taken seriously. That being said I have a decent used wb I will be selling this It's a 48" Great Dane hydro with available grass catcher and stand on sulky. Let me know if you're interested - we had it has a back up but rarely use it so gotta use the space for something else.

  8. MasScape

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    This goes to growing at the right rate and having the right equipment. I would not under take a commercial job without commercial equipment. You will not be able to deliver good quality and will hurt you in the long run with reputation. Just my 2 cents

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