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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Creative One, Feb 24, 2003.

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    I have received some bid packages on large commercial accounts. On some locations they want the snow plowing services priced in with the lawn care so they can pay for it all over 12 months. My question is how do those of you that do contracts like this cover yourself on an unknown like how many times will we plow? Obviously they are taking the risk that if the snow is light, they pay for a service that was not performed much. Just new territory and unsure how to handle it..
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    I do this for one account that wanted it this way so I had them sign a three year contract and it has worked well so far. Every time a rebid I take the averages of snow fall and number of plows I did from the past four years . It has worked well in my situation but everyone is different. I do have a blizzard clause in the contract so as to not loose out on a huge storm, like the one a couple of weeks ago.

    I would not have done this if they only wanted a one year contract I would had to of gone on a per push basis.

    I am not saying this is for everyone, like I said this is for one commercial account that pays very well. The money has to be there.
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