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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by GoGreenPM, Dec 17, 2007.

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    I am new on this site but have bean in the business for about 10 years with the family business. I have started my own lawn co and am looking for help with the following.

    I was wondering if anyone had any secrets on finding bid opertunities for commercial accounts..? Or any suggestions on how to get them..

    I know this is a broad question but anything relevent will help..
    Thanks to all helping..
  2. tthomass

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    'Commercial Lawn Mowing' forum....
  3. GoGreenPM

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    Yup.. Thats right.. And here because this is where the most experienced is.. BUt Thanks.. for your support.
  4. Ramairfreak98ss

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    lol, probably wont get any good answers here but ill give my 2 bits.

    I handle 85% residential currently, and im trying to gain a lot of commercial work in NJ. Its not easy, mainly its word of mouth, going into places and asking about their maintenance bids or if they have an outsourced company handle their grounds care.

    Its hard to find "good" local companies to do work for though. You couldn't just drive to every place and leave a flyer with them etc. I have found, that in my local areas, i drive around, usually not ONLY for this purpose, but ill be on my way to the mall or to a jobsite, and see some properties, could be a burger king, circuit city, gas station etc, that has some "land" that could be maintained and write down their name. I then take a huge list and go online to yahoo yellow pages and search by zip code all those names, take down all contact info and start calling places.

    Talk to a manager, owner, if its handled by corporate for places like wawas, 7 elevens, best buys, CVSs etc. Sometimes places are glad you called and looking for a company to service dozens of stores locally. You dont need a TON of commercial customers to do well, just a few that keep you busy all week long when your not doing residential work :)
  5. Diesel-1984

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    Hey man, I'm based in Mt. Holly, 18 years old paying my way through college and building my business. I've seen you around, mainly in pemberton, pulling your large, black, dump trailer (i wish I had a dumb trailer lol). I just joined this site and am looking for Co's in NJ to get advice from. Do you do hardscaping, and if so where can I go to learn? I know Rutgers has a patio and retaining wall class but is that really enough, if you could guide me I would apprechiate it!
  6. ACA L&L

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    your best bet would be to get a job working for a landscape company, gaining hands on experience before you start a bizness, just a thought. This is how most people gain much needed experience.
  7. Ramairfreak98ss

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    Yeah i moved to pemberton last year to a new house, lived in columbus for a long time, then 50098623 people move there for some reason, taxes are 2-3x most other local areas around here so this was a cheap spot with a good amount of property :) I do hardscaping but havnt done much that is really advanced, im sure some others could give you a lot "better" advice or tricks of the trade that even i still havnt picked up on. Id never try and deter anyone from getting into any parts of the industry, but honestly, any hardscaping is the costliest to get into, even now, i dont have all the equipment id "like" to have to do it effeciently. Sure anyone can run the company, do a good job and design a patio, walkway etc. The work itself isnt that hard really. Its just things like, paying for delivery of 6 pallets of block, or having trailers, trucks large enough to get 10k in block at a time. Im looking to get a JD tractor this spring/summer so i can stop hand unloading block which takes up wayyyy to many hours on a job site. I want to just run the machine over to the pallets on the trailer, lift them off, sit em down where i need them and load the machine back up and take it away.

    Im hoping to get a 5th wheel 30+ft 14-21k trailer just so i can load up 3-6 pallets of heavy stuff up front, still load the tractor or skid steer on the back and not have to make separate trips or have 3 trucks out at a job for something one can do.

    Hauling of the excavation soils or bringing in ton after ton of sand and 3/4" crushed stone isnt easy either. My trailer holds ~10k which is only 5 ton of sand or stone, it fills up 1/3 to 1/2 of the trailer at best, and still im probably overloaded b/c the place dumps in an estimate, and its always more than you paid for. Ive been to the place and made 5 trips for sand and 5 for stone just for a patio and walkway this summer. Anyway, i started with smaller lawns, got bigger equipment, faster mowers, did bigger lawns, then landscaping, designs, drip irrigation, maintenance like tree work, trimming, hedges, gutter cleaning, leaf cleanup, spring cleanup, snow blowing since its easier to start with than snow plowing, which you really want to do commercial anyway.

    Send me an email, and well talk :dancing:

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