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Hi to all,just want some opinons ,until this year lawn care was a part time thing for me since 87.after being downsized from a photo up state ny I have moved south and will start up full time.In the past my contracts were by the trip not the season.I felt during burn-outs I could find other things to do.this is fair to me and the customer.any thoughts on this...what works best for you?Many thanks to all this site is wonderful and filed with usefull information <p>----------<br>John <p>


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I think you need to:<br>1.) Price by the season. Part of the attraction of mowing is the steady income. <br>2.) Attract customers with irrigation. These are the ones that pay more, have better growth, appearance during the summer and are less dusty. Working on nice properties improves morale.


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Unless you have good contracts written up, charge by the job until you get a good handle on the work. It would be a bear to grossly underprice a season contract and be stuck with it all year. Also it is less hassle to quit an itemized job than a flat rate contract, and less hassle if customer drops out.<br>Another reason to charge by the job is to let the customer get to know how you work and also for you to get to know the customer and his property. We will not give monthly flat rates until we have serviced a property for two full seasons for that reason. Then when the customer is paying a fixed rate, he knows exactly what he is getting, we know exactly what he wants, and we have priced it appropriately.<br>Whether you are pricing either way, you should have a method of estimating so you know how to charge. Our itemized clients get an estimate of the total cost for the season, with the costs for various jobs specified.<br> After two years on a property, we can usually predict within 15 min how much time this property will take, and either method of billing is simple.<p>----------<br>Jim<br>South Bend, IN