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Commercial Lawn Care


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Use the search function. This is a topic with lots of history. Also welcome to Lawnsite.
The best tool that I have found is a portable belt sander with 120 grit belt.

The flat foot of a belt sander makes sharpening any blade at the same factory angle a breeze. Plus they do not get the blade as hot as when using a 4 or 6" angle grinder.

Tip time:
Only grind on the same side that the blade was origianlly ground on. It gives you better cutting results.

Myself. I will even sharpen new blades to suit my taste in sharpness. :p


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Flint, Michigan
I have the Lesco (Neary), but dog GONE is it slow! Something I DID do to my grinder, was put a longer piece of steel on the table (approx. 8" by 2 1/2"), to better stabilize the blade as it runs through the grinder. Otherwise it just teeterd to much, and didn't get a clean, consistent edge. If the blades are all set at a decent angle, and it's just used for touching up relatively decent blades, it's fine. However, if there is a knick or something in the blade, and some has to be taken out of it, then this grinder is way too slow. When I first got this grinder ($30 from a friend that used it once, and parked it to buy a RBG), I took all my blades over to my friends shop, and set the bevels on his 1012-C. Now, THAT'S a grinder!