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There is a Encore 48in., 18hp Vanguard ZTR in the local paper for $3500. It has 100 hrs. and has only been used residentially. I am only a part-time lawn-care person( work 300-400 hrs. a year). Do you think this mower is suitable for me? Is the quality of an Encore comparable to an Exmark? Do they perform well? How fast are they? I am about to test it out in a couple of days so I'll know the majority of what I need to know, but I would appreciate your knowledge and opinion


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You're talking about a ZTR rider, correct? If it's the one I am thinking of they sell for about $5000 new around here. I am not sure about their reliablity for commercial use. However only asking 300-400 hours a year is not that much. I've only seen 2-3 people using them around here. If you seriously consider this mower, make sure you a have a dealer locally to get parts for you. <p>I think they will run about 7-8 mph.

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I can't really say whether or not this is a good piece of equipment but make sure you research it before jumping in. I am in the market for a ZTR (a back-up for my Exmark) and I really want a Dixie Chopper. My dealer here isn't budging and I am not in the position to drop a chunk of change on the thing so I went looking. Check out It is all of the online listings nationwide for the &quot;Trading Times&quot;. I think I have found a couple of good deals but I am still exploring my options. <p>----------<br>Jay Raley<br>The Good Earth Grounds Management


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Jay,<br>A Dixie Chopper to &quot;back-up&quot; your eXmark Lazer?<p>Now I'm smiling :)<p>Wait 'til Eric reads this!


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No, I'm just funnin'<p>Eric and I have a friendly banter about what machine is better. He does do a beautiful job mowing with his Dixie Choppers so I'm not being too critical, but I think we all know the Lazer's better. :)<p><br>

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Lazer, I was busy last night and missed this one. Bdemir, what Lazer meant was Choppers are the best. You have it right!! :)<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<br>