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    I've done mostly residential work with a few commercial clients here and there. I'm starting to get more contacts for larger maintenance contracts and I'm curious how you guys format your proposals. How do you list your pricing on your bid? I currently show each service as a line item (the line item details how many visits annually / any misc info regarding the particular service) and then i give the price per month across 12 months for that item.

    Example: Mowing (approx. 38 visits annually) - Monthly Price $200
    Hedge Trimming (approx. 4 visits annually) - Monthly Price $50

    The line items total into a package price per month and then I quote a separate total annual price. I've been including this sheet in a binder along with my insurance, some references, and information about my company. Do you give them a package with an estimate sheet and a letter with your company info? Do you type out the pricing part into a letter format? What do you include? Just curious because I feel like I could format mine better. Any suggestions would be helpful, I'm always trying to learn from others with more experience. The paperwork for commercial is way more in depth than it is for a homeowner so I want to be spot on.
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    I guess you could do all that but in the end 99% of commercial accts will have their own schedule/scope/contract. You will fill in their spreadsheet and if you are awarded the contract, then you’ll send them the w-9 and insurances. It’s not real complicated.
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