Commercial Maintenance vs. Commercial Construction

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mbella, Dec 3, 2004.

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    I am new to the site and have spent the first couple of days researching and reading about different topics. I have to say that I am pleased with the range in size of business and amount of experience represented here on the site. I myself am eager and willing to share with others and it seems like most of you are as well.
    I have been in the business since 1993. I spent the first 10 years working for two different companies. Finally, a little over a year ago, I made the move to go on my own.
    The majority of my business this year was new home installation. I have a two contracts, for two separate subdivisions, through the same home builder. Basically cookie cutter packages, street trees and hourly repair work for things like erosion, settlement and miscellaneous jobs. It is low margin work, but it is contracted, recurring revenue.
    I have been exploring the idea of seeking commercial maintenance work. Is your experience the same as mine with the contracted builder work? The same with regard to low margin, but the benefit of being contracted. When I say low margin, I am able to make money, but not like with my higher end, residential hardscape.
    Any imput would be appreciated.

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    Hey Mike,
    Interesting thread, I have found that the commercial matanince market to be pretty saturated and you could throw the residential market in there too. I had about 20 residential customers and i made little money if any. I looked at as cash flow. I also bid on some commercial properties and could not compete with the big boys such as Brickman,Realty,and Trugreen. However i am speaking from the market that i was in (Nothern Chester County.) The real money is in Commercial Construction for the big guys like Allan Myers, Gambone,and the others that build commercial buildings. A company to look at in our area would be Ram T Corp. They have taken over that part of the market in the last three years and are making killer money. My Father in Law is a superintendent for a commercial outfit who deals with Ram T there numbers are high and there is really not alot of competition for them. For hardscaping they are getting 45 face ft Paver 21sq ft and there numbers on plants are really high as well.Also look @ Pickering Valley Landscaping he doing so well he gas a second company called Hidden Springs Landscaping which is a union company that does all the big work down in the city.Really all they do is sod, erosion control, and alittle wall work. Thats just my two cents,also its good to see somebody form around our area on this site. I have seen your signs before i think you had one on Rt 724 if I'm correct. Anyways welcome.


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