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Commercial Mowers

Bob Shoaff

LawnSite Member
I have seen so much discussion on commercial mowers. I know alot of people are hot on Dixie Choppers but it seems no one in my area carries those. My question would be if anyone owns any John Deere Commercial walk behind mowers and what your opinion of those are. Any input would be helpful. I am also looking at Exmark Mowers.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Pittsburgh, Pa
A lot of people do use Dixie Chopper, but not everyone here!! I use Exmark. I have been very happy with Exmark and I highly recommend them. The new walk behinds are coming out and you should definetly demo one. The new handles are easy to use and easy on you. If I had to choose between John Deere and Exmark, no contest!! Exmark all the way and I'm sure 95% of the guys here would agree.


LawnSite Fanatic
Memphis, TN
I was at the JD dealership about 4 days ago, they had 2 ztr's in for servicing. Only 500 hrs on each and they were having lots of problems. The walkbehinds are very front heavy. All other w/b's I've ever seen you could push down on the handle bars and raise the front off the ground. Not this thing. All my weight couldn't lift the front of a 36" floating deck wb. No thanks, I'll keep my exmarks.

Eric ELM

Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
Chicago, IL USA
If I was not able to get a Dixie Chopper within a 1000 miles, my second choice would be an Exmark/Toro. Gee I hated to say that. :) From what I have read here, they must make a good machine.


I don't own a chopper, but I will say this. Eric, you won't need an Exmark/Toro in the desert! :)


LawnSite Senior Member
I went with the Toro Z Master, they have a great cut even in wet grass. But also another reason was the dealer i know him well and he treats me great, any breakdowns i just call and he brings me a loaner to my job site. Now thats worth a whole lot to me.