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  1. jhastrello

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    Thanks for both replies.

    ACW - not trying to be critical, but if I had to make two passes, I'd be getting another mower. Unless there is some reason, that I don't understand for the second pass.
  2. hseeder

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    I had a scag when I bought my first and even back when the baggers had the auxiliary motor, it still clumped and looked terrible unless it was totally dry. I bought a Toro after that, and wasn;t all to happy there either, I bought it because it was supposed to have the best cut, then I went with Exmark, and I loved it. I got out of maintenance for a while and just bought a couple Ferris today. I stayed away from the exmark as the price is off the wall now, almost 12k quoted on a 6o" z, I went with Ferris as was mentioned due to dealer support. I was never able to get a machine out of the dealer I bought the Scag, TOro and Exmark from if something went down, the dealer I bought from today guaranteed me one. Another concern I had with the exmark now is that they are switching decks again, I come form the school of don;t fix what isn;t broke, they had a fantastic machine, then played with what worked, and the dealer told me it didn;t play out so well, now they are trying to switch back. I will watch and see where it goes. I truly wish there was a dixie dealer around here, or a walker, they are really where I want to be, but not local and the others are.

    As for the smaller tools, I run billy goat walk behinds, and the rest are all stihl from the saw to the trimmers and even the smaller blowers. They have always been reliable for me.
  3. ACW lawncare

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    second pass is for looks... go look at all your comercal lots around town most of them are cut in two diffrent directions for looks thats why I do it
  4. capnsac

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    You will get this opinion from a lot of guys on this site, and quite frankly it makes me mad. I would be willing to put money on it that 95% have ZERO experience with Cub Cadet. I however do, and can attest to a quality built machine at an affordable price. You get what you pay for with these machines, over and over.

    Do not let others dissuade you from buying these machines. I have 2 60" tanks and one 36" walk behind and wouldn't trade these for either Scag or Exmark, not even if you put $1000 in front of my face to try and sweeten the deal. I know Cub Cadet, and I know that I have put mine through their paces. They have yet to fail me. Best of luck with the new business. :usflag:
  5. Lucky Star Lawn Care

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    Cut one direction one week the opposite direction following week...if your looking for more equipment im selling an '86 F350 12ft stakebed(in for sale section)
  6. ACW lawncare

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    Thats one way to do it... I think its worth the extra time to just cut it twice cause it looks that much better when your done. the company I have been working for cuts twice, we do joe bucks yeard got some blues players a bunch of high end yards in ladue and thay are always the best lookin yards on the street every week. I will look at your post on that f-350
  7. Lucky Star Lawn Care

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    Ya whatever works for you, I just hate using more gas than really needed and using up all that time. Because most Ladue yards arent to small atleast the ones I have. Thats cool heard he has a beautiful home. I had Kyle Loshe's house last summer
  8. ACW lawncare

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    his home is nice!!!! takes us about 1 hour 15 min to cut it with 4 guys runing 2 52 ferris walbehinds and one 60 dixie chopper i wish it iwas my account and not my hourly wage job... :(
  9. lifetree

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    I recommend looking at the Quick 36" Samurai Dually WB, it's a good machine for less than everything else !!

    KENNY DEAN LawnSite Member
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    I agree with most of the other guys. Most of my equipment is husqvarna, and i have had pretty good luck with all of itand my local dealer is the best!! That is the most important thing, service.if and you will have a problem on any make, it must be fixed can't make any money sitting at home.even the best equipment out there is no good to you if you can't get it fixed in a timely manner.

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