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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Dig-it Landscaping, Sep 14, 2004.

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    I mow all residential homes. Most of the work that i do is landscape installation. While i was installing a patio for a customer he informed me that since i was doing such a good job that he would like me to mow and maintain his distributing buisness. i have never priced a commercial property before but this one isn't very big and would be a good starting point. i would only take one of my employees about 30 min. to mow and trim and blow including loading and unloading the equipment. but also in the weekly maintence we have to spray post emergents on weeds in the cracks of the lot and along the edges and pull weeds in the beds (an additional 15 Min). I want this job because i get the year round work from it(mulch,fert.,pruning,snow and leaf removal, etc) the main problem is that is takes 25 min to get there from my location so thats 50 min of drive time to pay my employee for. Any rough ideas what to charge. the flower beds don't have many weeds to pull and are pretty small. it would take me about1 gallon of post emergent mix each week if that.Thanks for any help.

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