commercial mowing worth trying?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by d.m.d., Aug 17, 2006.

  1. d.m.d.

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    hi im in st.louis and i loathe working for someone else and constantly worrying about my job.a close friend mows on the side and when hes at his day job his nephews mow for him.he tells me he turns work away all the time(residential).and that i should think about getting in to it.i have thought about it many times.i love the outdoors,dealing with most people,and the thought of being my own lies the problem every time i drive around the area all i see are trailers and would seem that the market is saturated,but i still hear theres work around here if you want it.also i dont want to be an under cutter low bidding everone to get work and losing my a$$.hers a few more questions...what to do about health insurance?business insurance?is it possible for a single guy todo 6 residential 30 dollar yards 5 days a week?how much insurance do these commercial accounts require?
  2. Brendan Smith

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    your best bet is to begin using the "search" button, all of your questions have been discussed many times. i don't want you to think i'm being a smart alex, but there is tons on info in the archives. good luck, and happy reading.
  3. dvmcmrhp52

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    Nope, stay away from this business, you'll just get addicted to the constant outlay of money for equipment and supplies while earning a measley 6 figure salary............

    Don't do it!

    I just had to................:waving:
  4. d.m.d.

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    6 figures?im talking one guy here maybe help if things take still worried about the market being saturated....
  5. Dunn's

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    It all depends on the area of st.louis some area's are very oversaturated others there is still plenty of grass to go around. Drive through the area you intend on servicing and see if there are an insane amount of vehicles in peoples driveways with business magnets on them oversaturated,if not GOOD LUCK
  6. d.m.d.

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    so mr dunn , you think its possible for a guy to prosper in the st.louis area.its good to see someone on here from the general area........
  7. ed2hess

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    There are a lot of jobs that you can do on the side besides lawn business and be your own boss. People are constantly asking us to recommend persons for painting, general repairs, pest control, doggy poo pickup, garage door repair, irrigation repair, well you get the idea.
  8. prostriper

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    As long as you have a well thought out plan you can do well. If your plan is to go in and go ape S++T and underbib everyone and make it BIG it usually never works. As long as you know your costs and bid to make a profit you will do well. It also helps to diversify your services, the green industry probably has the most diversified pallate of options than any other industry out there.
  9. subs1000w

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    what area are you in

    south county seems to be pretty much maxed out when im driving from yard to yard its rare i dont see one or 2 other services driving the other way but there does seem to be work still out there mainly from poor quality or poor reliability or students goin back to school

    i think one of the key ingrediances in making it profitable right off the bat is
    dont underbid i shoot for 1$min from when i open my truck door till i get back in and close it the market min ive found is 30-35$ a lawn and about

    also in regaurds to purchasing equiptment if you know how to work on small engines and lawnmowers in general youll be much better off not having to pay 80/hr labor for repairs and also you could justify saving alot of $ by buying used because when you walk into a dealer and look at the price of a 48hydro wb youll go into to much dept to make it worth while when you can get a used machine for a 3rd of the price and it will last along time if you know how to take care of it also if you dicide to get out of the biz after a few months you wont loose any money when compared to buying new once youve used a new machine for even one hr its value drops like a new caddy

    good luck
  10. Dunn's

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    Wait you mean you can't buy a lawnmower use it for a year and then sell it for what you paid for it ..........or more?
    Man you would never be able to tell that by the prices everyone wants in the St. Louis Area for their equipment.

    but I guess they are the same for everything here everyone thinks they can sell one item of stuff they have already used to make their rent payment because they spent there check on partying.

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