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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by MonsterMowing, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. MonsterMowing

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    This is a new Shopping Strip under construction. All the landscaping has been done and consist of Mainl Fower Beds with small plants, shrubs, and Small trees around entire property. They left some old oaks behind which has flower bed built around it. Threre is a lot of mulch to be spread when they need it. right now everthing is fresh and nice. Mowing can be done with 21" mower in about an hour. Theres not very much to edging envolved either. Like i mentioned Mainly flaower bed Maintence. How would I bid this place? By the sqaure ft. in the fowerbeds, over all sq. ft. ????
  2. ed2hess

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    On commericial you usually only bid mowing/trimming/blowing of the property in the monthly bid. All the other stuff is extra such as flowers ($25/tray), mulch($3/bag), irrigation ($40hr), tree trimming ($45/hr), for example. If they want fertilize that is usually included as part of the bid. The idea is to have a very low bid to begin with. All those other items are subjective and depends on how nice they want to keep the property.
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    I disagree with Ed.

    I always bid all commercial stuff as a complete package.

    Just be aware that on this property, they most likely already have someone if all the install work has been done. Most contractors suggest a landscaper when they do the build. They are often sub par performers so wait and see or get a bid in early.

    I also disagree with Ed's prices. I charge way more. I don't go after commercial for the prestige. I want to make money too.

    Know that many commercial properties are really cheap, really late payers, and real dirt bags. Some are great, just be careful.
  4. MonsterMowing

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    Thank you for the quick response from the both of you. I'm suppose to meet with the PM on Tuesday, so if any one else has advice,tips, or just plain opinions they would be greatly appreciated. One more thing, i'm new to this site and was wondering what does LCO stand for. I know it refers to Us and what we do.
  5. TScapes

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    I agree. We bid commercial as a Complete Package. You want to know exactly how much of everthing there is on site, mulch, annuals, turf, etc. This will let you know your basic costs.

    Good luck!
  6. old dog 80

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    LCO means Lawn Care Operator-sometimes Landscape Care Operator.
    See if they have a standard bid sheet-find out how long they will take to pay
    after you bill.What to charge varies with every market!!!Estimate how much time
    and material-and your desired markup.If you are unsure ,multiply that by 25%
    to 50% to cover your butt! Sometimes these outfits take so long to pay you
    need to lay down terms that "discount" 5% if paying within 10 days of billing.
    That would be you price you want and if they string payment along they pay
    you extra.If this is a big account get a friend that is experienced in business to help or hire an attorney(future client) to help you

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