Commercial or Home and 21,32, or 36?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by no1knosme12203, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. no1knosme12203

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    I am going to be servicing around 15 lawns per week none being over 15000 sq.ft. and I can't decide what mower I want to upgrade to in the future! is it worth spending $1100 on a Toro Commercial for only 15 lawns? I have been convinced that commercial is the way to go but with 15 lawns, does everyone still agree with that? Also, if all your yards were smaller the 15000 sq.ft and you were on a budget and trying to get no more than you need, which size mower would you get? I have mostly gated yards, so maybe I could fit the Quick 36! Im pretty sure I could fit a 32" through every gate, but is it worth the extra money considering the yards are so small? I would appreciate any and all advice!

  2. no1knosme12203

    no1knosme12203 LawnSite Member
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    oops most lawns arent over 5000 sq. ft. not 15000sq.ft.!
  3. grassyfras

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    Buy a used mower. Bigger the better
  4. Richard Martin

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    I would go with the commercial 36. Most likely a gear drive.

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