Commercial or noncommercial grade?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Skeelow, Aug 1, 2006.

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    My family is going to hire me to mow their lawns next year. 4 possibly 7 yards. 2 yards are 1 1/2 to 2 acre yards one with hills one completely flat. 2 other yards that will need push mowing are approx. 1/2 acre yards. And if I mow the other 3 yards they are at the lake ranging from 1/2 acre to 1 acre and invlove some hills. I will use my family's non commercial push and riding mowers starting out. If I plan to use some of the money to upgrade equipment later on do I need commercial grade mowers or noncomercial mowing only 5 to 7 yards a week from early April to end October?? Can I get decent mowers at Lowes mowing only 7 yards a week or do I need to go to an outdoor power equipment specialist?

    I saw a Troy Built zero turn mower at Lowes for around $2999. For what I am doing will this do the job? Or should I go for a 42 inch cut walk behind?? Sorry for the many questoins. Just need some advice before I start working for my family next year. Thanks.
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    Dont waste your money at lowes, you wont get anything that will last doing that.

    For what you plan on doing, go get either a toro T-bar belt drive walkbehind or an exmark turf tracer. Residential equipment is designed to mow 1 yard a week for a few years. Plus if their neighbors want you to mow for them you will have equipment that will handle the job.

    Find a local dealer and stick with them. Commercial trimmers edgers and blowers will also be needed down the road I like stihl but echo and redmax are good brands as well.

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    I believe the best unit for you would be a commercial walk behind with a velke- A stand-up might work but I have zero time on one so can not advise.
    A W/B will do everything you need and will last forever-at that rate of use.
    I like hydro
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    AGREED!!! Dont buy from Lowes!!! Works for a homeowner...but not for commercial use and abuse. A 42" Toro Walkbehind would be perfect if you're looking for a walk behind

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