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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by fga, May 10, 2007.

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    I have to put it a row of 3' foot evergreens (probably alberta spruce, slow growing). the thing is, I have to cut into paved black top to make the bed.

    what would be the easiest way to accomplish the cutting. Accoring to the customer, it should be 4" thick. Would a partner type saw suit this job, or would i need something alittle bigger.
    I have to cut out about 20', x 3' wide. i should only have to cut the one side since the other edge is butted against a cement sidewalk. ( I'm assuming a few taps of a sledge would seperate the black top from the cement sidewalk... am i wrong?)

    I just want to get this done as fast as possible. Its a tigt parking lot and very busy. A dunkin donuts open around 5-6 am and it gets busy right from there. i want to knock this out pronto.
    I'll try and draw a picture...
  2. fga

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    something like this...

    Lot planting.JPG
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    sawing will work fine just get the 14 inch saw and bury the blade. asphalt is a two step process, there is a gravel layer 6-12 inches thick, binder which is around 4 inches thick and the cap which will be 2 inches thick. you will need to saw the top two layers. and before you add soil you will need to excavate all the stone out or it will be hard on the plants.
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    Rent a walk behind pavement cutter. It will cut much straighter and you can set the depth of the blade. You'll go too deep wth your cut off saw and destroy your blade$.

    A commercial lot is often one that has been recoated. I got screwed once with the same situation. It was 7-8" thick.

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